Master Li Zheng, born 1953, Shan Dong Jinan origin. At the age of 11, Master Li Zheng started to practice martial arts. He ever learnt the Cha Quan, Baguazhang and Xingyiquan.

In the late 70’s, after being transffered to Baoding, Master Li Zheng bowed to Master Zhai Yingbo from whom he learnt the Funei Pai complete 10 routines.

To continue with his quest to raise his standard of martial arts practice, he bowed to Master Zhao Bin, a famous taiji practitioner from Xian. He also bowed to Master Wang Guang De, vice president of Wu Dang Quan Research Center in Wu Dang Shan. From Master Wang Guang De, Master Li Zheng had learnt the Yang Cheng Fu’s Yang Style 85 routine, Wu Dang Quan and Daoist ways of keeping healthy mind and body.

Master Li Zheng held several and key positions in the circle of martial arts as listed below:

(1) He was the Assistant Secretary of the International Taiji Quan Social Club in Han Dan Yong Nian.

(2) He was the Deputy President of the Wushu Association in Hebe Province, Bao Ding City.

(3) He was the adviser, consultant, trainer and coach to many Taiji organisations in China.

Master Li Zheng is currently a very influential person in China to promote and to pass down the Yang Style Taiji Quan.