Funei meaning "within the palace", is the original source of Yang Style Tai Chi inherited backdated from the Great Granny days taught in the Chinese Palace.

Dato’ Seri Panglima Liaw Kit Siong

Datuk Sia Hiong Sing

David U Ka Hong

Josie Fung Sit Kin

Committee Members

» David Wong
» Tan Meng Keat
» Margaret Chin
» Wong Shin Fah
» Paul John Chin
» Wong Kim Fui
» Chung Shiong Voon
» Chin Wui Pin
» Soh Kian Soon
» Teresa Shim Kui Tshin
» Thien Shu Shing


Back in November 2004, the pioneers, the founder of our present association Funei Li Style Taiji Association went to meet Master Li Zheng. Below are some photos of our 1st Training Session with Master Li Zheng in Zhuhai.

Early members of Funei Li Style Taiji Association of Kota Kinabalu Sabah, 2007