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Chung Hwa Zhi Chui 2018 Leap

2018 – A QUANTUM LEAP for Funei Taiji as a subject of Physical Education in a local Chinese Chung Hwa Primary School. The Funei Taiji form or discipline to be taught is called Wisdom Fist. Over 2000 primary students of the school will undertake the training. This is the first (1st) discipline of the ten (10) disciplines that make up the Funei Taiji practice. Funei Taiji is a unique and holistic martial art. It embraces the ten (10) disciplines with a systematic and integrated training approach.

Zhi Chui is an entry level for beginners. It consists of 5 boxing style combined with linking movements. It develops one’s intelligence with same movements on each direction- the east and the west. People call taiji cultural boxing. Only intelligent people can learn and grasp it well. As such, this routine set the path for beginners in the right direction towards the circle of martial art.

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